17 January 2015

Cats - The Excitement is Real!

It's Monday night. I'm happily going off to Rangers, unaware that the most exciting piece of news EVER was about to be imparted onto me!

I knew that on the 16th of February my Rangers group and I would be going to London, doing tourist-y things, going out for a meal and then going to see a show, but we didn't know which show! 

So we got to Rangers, got a drink, sat down, had a chat with our friends, and then someone piped up with "Debbie, what show are we going to see in half term?" The leader paused for a moment before saying "oh, it's Cats!" 
I'm told my reaction was priceless - I don't remember much apart from a lot of squealing and jumping!! 

I've wanted to see Cats for an INCREDIBLY long time, probably since I first knew what musical theatre was! When I heard that there was going to be a London revival in early December, I was desperate to go, but December is always busy for me rehearsal wise because of panto, so I was pretty resigned to the idea that I wouldn't see it! 

I'm so so so excited - I will try to vlog the day, or at least include it in my monthly vlog! 

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