11 January 2015

Out with the old, in with the new!

Hello and welcome to my new blog!
I say new, because I'm assuming you've come here from my old blog, Sugar Plums and Lemon Drops, which I've decided to get rid of, for many a reason... Allow me to elaborate...

1. The content wasn't very good.
To say "not very good" would be an understatement - my first, what, 2 posts were... alright? And it was downhill from there! I wanted to create some really cool content but I just wasn't getting it from my old blog! I'm hoping that this time around I'll go for quality, not quantity - I'll try not to upload for the sake of uploading, if you catch my drift?

2. Where's the musical theatre?
When I first started my old blog, it was going to be about my theatre experiences and all that jazz, but it never really was! I would mention it from time to time in my 'Catching Up' posts, and I'm sure we all remember 'The Panto Incident' but other than that, it was mainly me blabbering on about useless things! This blog is going to be entirely dedicated to dancing, singing, acting, musical theatre, and anything else which I deem to be of that variety.

3. Weebly is the most annoying thing in the world!!!
As many of you will be aware, my old blog was based on a site called Weebly, which was highly unreliable at times, and came to be the absolute bane of my existence. This morning was finally the end of it, when I was sat in my room attempting to blog and everything KEPT GOING WRONG (*sigh* it's just been one of those days!) Now, however, I'm on Blogger, which means that 
a) I won't get so cross all of the time!
b) I can make my blog super pretty!
and c) you guys can follow me! (not literally, please don't do that!) You can, however, log into 'Blogger' with your Google account, and add my url to your reading list!

4. I'm growing up!
My old blog had started to seem very childish; the colours, the design, even the way I worded my posts! I've decided that now I'm going to go for a halfway mark between talking to my friends and writing an English essay! Oh, and I'm kind of planning that I'll have a black and white theme (woah, sophistication!) because it's just so pretty and ooh and cool and ahh!

One thing I am a little bit sad about is all of the views I had on my old blog - I can only hope that, now my blog is going to be 10 times better, I can regain the views that I had back then! (I should point out, I'm not overly bothered about numbers, but it's not very nice when an achievement is taken away, especially if you take it from yourself.)

I'm hopefully going to upload every Sunday at 9pm (GMT) but to be perfectly honest we all know that's not going to last long!

Here's to a great year of blogging!

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