12 January 2015

Les Misérables - Review

Right, I'm going to get straight to the point here - my latest little project is to do a snazzy little review of every musical I have ever been to see, in the form of "me interviewing myself" It may not be specifically a review of the show itself, more like my experience of it, if that makes any sense? I'm sure you'll get the idea soon enough! 

Where did you see it? 

Queen's Theatre

Favourite Song? 

Oh wow, so many good ones! It would have to be either the Love Montage (I Saw Him Once/In My Life/Heart Full of Love) or One Day More. But then again, The Confrontation is incredible too... As is Little Fall of Rain!

Favourite Character?

Eponine. Eponine Eponine Eponine. I just absolutely LOVE Eponine! 

Favourite Cast Member?

I'm afraid I've got to go with the obvious choice here and say Carrie Hope Fletcher - I've loved her YouTube channel since the dawn of time, so when I worked out that she'd be playing Eponine I was over the moon!

What did you think of the set?

Incredible! I was lucky enough to go 'behind the scenes' on the morning of the show, and even close up, it is beautiful! Just to fill you in if you didn't know, they use a revolving stage, with 2 sections, so that there is an inner circle and an outer circle, that can spin independently or together. They also use what are effectively go-karts for the 2 sides of the barricade! Seeing that up close was phenomenal, and made me appreciate the show even more! 

Would you go and see it again? 

Yes, definitely! 

Have you performed any of the songs in anything before? 

Nope, but I would love to! I've done a drama performance where we did a mashup of songs and spoke the words... Does that count?! 

Did you buy any merchandise? 

Yes! I bought a grey and navy top that says 24601 on it!

Who did you go with? 

My mum, my sister, my friends Kate and Milly, and their mum. 

OTP of the show? 

Maponine - Eponine and Marius! (Did I guess that ship name correct?)

Where did you sit? 

Stalls, about 11 rows back I believe? 

Got any photos? 

Of course - here: 

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