14 January 2015

The Oh-So-Famous Panto Situation

Earlier this year, I was given the opportunity to have a principal role rather than being a dancer in this year's pantomime, But it's had it's ups and downs...
For those of you that don't already know, I am incredibly short for my age - and there was one scene where the entire cast wore yellow rain ponchos - and, as it turns out, one size DOES NOT fit all! The poncho in question came down to just below my ankles - luckily above tripping height! 
The main challenge I was presented with was wearing a false beard - I've never done this before, and clearly have never grown a beard, so it was a bit of a learning curve, to say the least! All I can say is, men with beards - WHY? Anyway, it was also difficult as I had stage makeup on (ie - red lipstick) so that rubbed off on the inside of the beard and looked all yucky!
And then, the problem of all problems, comes on show 12, when I think I've got my costume change down to a fine art...
I usually leave my beard on while putting my costume on, so I did the same today, however the beard slid off my face in the process without me knowing. As the curtains opened and the smoke machine came on, I suddenly felt a breeze where I wasn't used to it - my chin. I discreetly slid my beard up my face, to a few chuckles from the audience, but then, disaster struck. As I went to hook the elastic over my ears I missed my ear, so had to fumble around again to find it. When I eventually did find it, I managed to ping it so that the beard flew backwards into my face, and landed lop-sidedly over my nose. The audience, at this point, are in hysterics, much to the confusion of the cast backstage (I am the only person onstage apart from one character who is behind me, oblivious). They are only aware of mad laughter from the audience, and could not witness my little faux-pas. The End
I can only apologise for the fact that this last bit ended up sounding like some kind of dodgy FanFiction...

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