16 January 2015

Why Do You Even Like Musicals?

There I was, happily sat in my classroom with my headphones on, listening to my beautifully long theatre playlist, doing a watercolour picture of the Miss Saigon poster, when one of the 'popular' girls in my class came up to me and said "Why do you even like musicals?". This instantly became the most annoying thing to happen this century, the girl in question becoming my mortal enemy within seconds. But I kept my cool, and said, "I don't know - I just think they're really cool, I guess!" and put my headphones back on... But what was happening inside my head, oh! That's a whole different story!
Here, are the reasons why I like musicals, and, maybe, why you should too!

No matter what kind of music you like, there's always a musical for you - whether you like the loud, dramatic songs such as One Day More and Circle of Life, the sweet and innocent ones like When I Grow Up, Maybe, and Castle on a Cloud, the 'not-so-innocent' ones such as Lovely Ladies, and The Heat is On in Saigon, or even the powerful solos like Stars, Why God Why? and Defying Gravity, there will always be something that theatre can do for you! Maybe you like the tearjerkers like Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again and Empty Chairs at Empty Tables,  or even the ones that make you want to up and leave for Broadway tomorrow - like Lullaby of Broadway and Masquerade - that's cool too, there's always a bit of everything!

The stage is such a magical place to be - whether you're watching somebody on it or you're on it yourself, the atmosphere is always absolutely electric, and I will stand by what I've always said, in that no theatre experience is an experience you will ever forget, the songs you hear and sing, the actors and actresses you see, and the friends you make, will never be forgotten. Which brings me nicely onto my next point!

If you are physically IN a show, the friends you will make are incredible - no offence to 'normal' people, but theatre people are the loveliest people ever! I think this is probably because you have to do things that you wouldn't normally do to someone you've not known that long! For example, you might get on with someone quite well in rehearsals, but put you in the show, where you have to spend the entire week or more together, and you will become the best of friends! When in the theatre, you find yourself doing all sorts of things when you're not onstage - I once found myself having a nightly job speedily threading a microphone down the back of my friend's shirt!

I suppose the message of this post is: "Don't let yourself become a theatre muggle" - if you've never seen a musical, see what tours are near you in the coming months, or take a trip to the West End or Broadway or ANY THEATRE! Watch a movie adaptation, listen to the soundtrack on Spotify, do whatever you will, I can promise you that you will in no way be disappointed! 

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  1. Hey I love your blog and everything but I just wanted to say that you put Castle On A Cloud-The Lion King when it's Les Mis. xxxx

    1. Thank you so much for telling me, I have now changed it! Not sure how I managed that as Miz is one of my favourite musicals! That'll teach me not to write blog posts late at night, anyway!
      Em xx