2 February 2015

Fun Warm Ups for Kids

As you may or may not be aware, I am on the 'Musical Theatre Team' at my dance school, and there are quite a few younger performers with us at the moment. As the oldest person on the team, I am often left to do the warm-ups at our Saturday morning rehearsals, so I thought that today I would share some of the games and activities we do! (I looked for something like this on the internet a while ago and could find anything, so this is potentially quite helpful?!)

1: 'Shushes' - taking a breath and making the longest 'shhh' noise that you can (this one gets quite competitive!)

2: 'Hums' - humming any note you like until you run out of breath

3: Sirens - Going through your range in a sliding scale - low to high and back down again (again, a competitive one!)

4: 'Lollipop' - sing the 'William Tell Overture' using words like "Lollipop, lollipop, lollipop pop pop" Other phrases which encourage good diction are:
  • Bacon bap
  • Paper cup
  • Many men
  • Cheese and ham
  • Ninny ning
5: Tongue twisters - again, these are really good for practicing diction - including...
  • Leslie the leopard likes licking large lemons
  • All I want is a proper cuppa coffee in a proper little copper coffee pot
  • Unique New York
  • How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?
  • Red lorry, yellow lorry
6: Satsuma - Imagine you are eating a satsuma which is VERY SOUR! Chew it very exaggeratedly, occasionally spitting out pips. This can also be done with (imaginary) doughnuts.

7: Chewing gum man - Say the following sentences, getting the kids to repeat the sections in bold. 
I have a piece of chewing gum. I put it in my mouth and I chew it really hard. *chewing action* Then I spit it out... *spitting action*  and mould it into a little man. *moulding action* The man walks along the street, blub-blub-blub-blub-blub-blub-blub, and into a building. When he is inside the building, he walks up to the lift - blub-blub-blub-blub-blub-blub-blub - and the doors open - shoom! So he walks into the lift - blub-blub-blub-blub-blub-blub-blub - and the doors close - shoom! The lift goes up to the very top floor - wheeee! And then the doors open - shoom! And the man walks out - blub-blub-blub-blub-blub-blub-blub. Then the doors close -  shoom! And the man walks across the top of the building blub-blub-blub-blub-blub-blub-blub - and jumps over the side - wheeee... splat! I would just like to point out, incase anyone is offended, that this is only a bit of fun; this dude is made of chewing gum, and isn't "encouraging children to jump off buildings" or anything like that!

8: Vowel scales - singing an arpeggio or scale using a particular vowel or mouth shape, like ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah. We often stand in pairs facing each other and tap the other person on the nose if they aren't opening their mouth enough!

9: Number scales - label the notes of a 1 octave scale from 1-8, and sing them in this order (keeping the note/number correlation) 1,121,12321, 1234321, 123454321,12345654321, 1234567654321, 123456787654321. As a challenge for older performers you may like to try clapping on 3, stamping on 5 and clicking on 7. (which isn't as easy as it sounds!)

If anyone can think of any more, I would LOVE to know, as I am always wanting new material to try!

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