23 March 2015

The Relevance of Anything Goes

Recently I went to see the UK tour of 'Anything Goes' recently, and I enjoyed it so much that it has now become my 3rd favourite musical (after Miss Saigon and Les Miz, of course!) But that's not what this post is about.
What struck me about Anything Goes, particularly the song of the same name, was that even though it's set almost a century a go, the lyrics and content are still completely relevant to our generation. They sing about how the world is changing, and things that were once utterly shameful are suddenly becoming commonplace, which I couldn't help but notice closely reflects the opinions of today.
If you can, I would urge you to listen to the soundtrack of Anything Goes, particularly tracks such as "I Get A Kick Out Of You" and "You're The Top" - the latter struck me particularly hard, as I find that it's difficult to find duets from musicals which are sung by male and female parts, but are not about love or death. "You're The Top" is a great example of something which sadly happens a lot in the teen culture of today - two friends cheering each other up by pointing out and accentuating their own flaws. 
On the surface, Anything Goes is a happy-go-lucky, lighthearted musical, but dig deeper and you will find painful truths about our current generation.
And on that cheerful note, goodbye!

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