30 March 2015

Theatre Café - My Favourite London Hangout

For those of you that don't know, "Theatre Café" is a tiny little cafe on Shaftesbury Avenue in London (it's opposite the Queen's Theatre and the Gielgud Theatre). It not only brands itself around showbiz old and new, but the walls are covered in musical memorabilia that will make you long for a career in the West End! AND IT LITERALLY NAMES THE DRINKS AFTER THINGS FROM MUSICALS!
The only thing that really irritates me about going to London is that eating before or after a show always feels like it distracts from the stagey experience of the day - you find the conversation drifting off into other things that HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH THE SHOW! (which I totally get, because you can't always talk about theatre!) At Theatre Café, you literally can't help but talk about theatre! It's weirdly inspiring to be surrounded by so many posters and props from every musical you could possibly imagine!I'm off to see Phantom next Thursday, and I am most definitely going to take another trip to the Theatre Café! 

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