10 May 2015

Stagey Exams

It's tough being a teenager. Everybody knows that. But it's especially tough being a teenager who's interests include green people, depressed cats and creepy men that live under opera houses!
Anyone currently in secondary education who has an interest in theatre can tell you that there are a LOT of moments in school, as there are in normal life, where it would be perfect to reference a musical. If, however, you are in a lesson with no other people of your 'kind', then it becomes very difficult to suppress...
And then comes the exams...
Exams are boring. There are no two ways about it. Revision is boring, exams are boring, school is boring. Which is why I like to make my language exams (i.e. French and Spanish) a little interesting. At my school (I'm pretty sure it's the same at others) we have to take 4 exams for each language: reading, listening, writing and speaking. Reading and listening leave no room for creativity, so it's left to the writing and speaking to have a creative nosebleed. Allow me to elaborate - in this year's French speaking exam, one of the questions is "What are you going to do in the future?" I talked a little bit about the fact that I'm taking dance and drama GCSE because I love performing, but then I got a little stuck... How do you say "I want to be painted green eight times a week" or "I want to pretend to get shot on top of a huge pile of furniture"? You can't, the teachers would think you were absolutely bananas. So instead, I went for "I will become an actress" (it sounds really cocky, but it's because we had to use the "I will..." tense!). I then decided that if I was going to go for this, I had to go full on stagey. I continued with the fact that I was going to play Eponine in Les Mis, and Christine in Phantom, purely because they were the only musicals I could say in French! I think my French teacher is going to be quite confused, but at least I'll get good content marks!
Good luck to anyone with exams coming up!
Oh, and my ending line was "Someday, I will become a star!"

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