9 July 2015

The Heat Is Most Definitely On In Saigon!

For those of you that don't know, a DVD was recently released entitled "The Heat is Back On: The Remaking of Miss Saigon" which was, funnily enough, a short film about... guess what? The remaking of Miss Saigon! Now, Miss Saigon being one of my favourite musicals, I ordered the DVD pretty quickly, and it arrived today (after being delayed in the post for a few days - grr!)
Please believe me when I say I have spent long hours trawling the internet for 'Behind the Scenes' clips of the 2014 revival of Miss Saigon, and, to their credit, they have a pretty well updated YouTube channel, but that wasn't a patch on this DVD! It was genuinely one of the best made ANYTHINGS that I've seen in a long time!
Not only is it about my favourite musical, it actually taught me quite a bit about the rehearsal process for West End theatre! Moving into theatres is the one thing that always shakes me a bit when doing shows, but to see that it shakes even Cameron Mackintosh himself is VERY reassuring, and tells me that it really is just "one of those things". 
Another element that I really enjoyed was hearing the thoughts of celebrities that you wouldn't necessarily associate with musicals - one thing that I was really not expecting to learn from this DVD is that Miranda Hart is a fan of Miss Saigon, and saw the original show 3 times!
The summer holidays are coming up, and I will definitely be trying to get day tickets to see the show again!

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