26 November 2015

Interview with Claire Parrish

Recently I've interviewed a few musical theatre actors, and the next in that little series is Claire Parrish! I met Claire about this time last year, when I first saw Les Mis - I did a workshop at the theatre which ended with a Q & A with a cast member, who just happened to be Claire!
In the past Claire has been in shows such as Half A Sixpence, Cats, Oliver, Les Miserables, Rocky Horror and Scrooge, and she is currently playing 1st cover Ellen in Miss Saigon. Here is what she had to say...

If you could play any role (regardless of age, race, gender, species etc) in any show, who would it be and why?
"I'd LOVE to play Eliza Dolittle. The journey of the character from beginning to end is huge and to sing that wonderful score would be a dream!"

If you could create a show for yourself to star in, what would it be? (Could be an adaptation of a book/fairytale or an original story)
"it's an obvious one! I'd love a musical of Harry Potter. I'd be Bellatrix Lestrange..."

Who were your main theatre inspirations when you were growing up?
"Ruthie Henshall was the queen of musical theatre when I first became passionate about it!"

What is your favourite theatre memory?
"My personal favourite was bowing as Ellen in Miss Saigon, then running down the road to Les Mis to sing the epilogue and bow with my cast mates on the last show of the contract!( I left a month early to do Saigon) another great memory was When I was 15 I went to see the midnight matinee of Chicago with the original cast at the Adelphi. The atmosphere was just electric as most of the audience were actors that'd just performed in their own shows and come over to see the late show of Chicago. That memory will stay with me forever!"

What is your favourite quote from a musical?
"My favourite quote would have to be from Les Mis; 'Even the darkest night will end and the sun will rise'. Beautiful."

If you could travel back in time and see any musical on opening night, what would you see?
"I'd love to have seen the opening night of 'The Rocky Horror Show' at the Royal Court. Just to see the reaction to it. I did the show a few years ago and the audience participation is just crazy. I'd love to know how people reacted to it back in 1973!"

If you could pick any actor or actress to be in a musical with, who would you pick?
"Oh, can I have more than one..? I'd love Imelda Staunton, Julie Walters and Maggie Smith. I love that generation of actors and their work ethic. I could learn a lot from them!!"

If you were stuck on a desert island with a book, a musical soundtrack and one character from a musical, what would they all be?
"Harry Potter for sure. Can you tell I'm a massive fan..?! Can I have all the books..?!! Musical soundtrack would have to be Hamilton. It's ground breaking and I never tire of listening to it. And to have by my side - well that'd be Glinda. Loyal, funny and maybe able to magic up some treats?!"

What's the weirdest/most obscure role you've ever played? 
"A few years ago I did the arena tour of Dr Who for the BBC. I got to be a Dalek, a Silurian and one of the Vampires of Venice! That was a crazy job!"

What are your hopes/dreams for the future? What's next for you?
"I've been so lucky in my career, who knows what's next but I'd love to continue in musicals and maybe even dip a toe into the TV world..?!"

Thank you very much to Claire for doing this interview with me! If you'd like to find out more about Claire you can visit her website here or Tweet her here.

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