17 February 2016

Mini Review: Guys and Dolls at the Savoy Theatre

Thanks to half term, I fear that this may turn into a week of reviews, so today I'll just be doing a mini-review of Guys and Dolls, because I'll be seeing it on tour later this year, so I'll do a full review then! I've sung several different songs from this in various showcases and Christmas performances over the years, so I didn't really know what to expect, but I was not disappointed! I'll talk about songs that I've performed first, and then I'll talk about the show on the whole - okay?! 

Bushel And A Peck was very cleverly staged, and absolutely hilarious from an audience perspective! I've Never Been In Love Before was so, so much better than I could have ever imagined: both Siubhan Harrison and Jamie Parker both have completely gorgeous voices, and the staging had just the right amount of tension and awkwardness and slight discomfort that the scene and plot needed!

Let's move onto the choreography. I am 100% convinced that Carlos Acosta and Andrew Wright are both absolute geniuses, for the simple reason that 'Sit Down You're Rocking The Boat' was absolutely impeccable, and beautifully executed! despite them both having very different styles and influences, they seem to have made the perfect team and I can't wait to see if they do anything else together in the future! Sidenote: I also love the way that quite a few of the scene changes were covered by guys doing split leaps and backflips across the stage - but I think that's just because I have a thing about split leaps!

Lastly, let's talk about the set. I wasn't really sure how it would work, whether it would move, or what it was supposed to represent, but within a few minutes of the show starting, I realised that it was meant to show the bright lights of New York! The way the 'mission' set slid forward was so slick and subtle, and I barely even noticed the separate sections of 'light blobs' (wow so technical Em well done) sliding in and out!

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