15 March 2016

Underrated Female Characters Part 1

A while ago I started a series of Underrated Male Characters (which I'm still going to continue at some point!) but today I thought I'd share with you some of their female counterparts!

  • Éponine Thénardier - Les Misérables
I think Eponine has become more of a popular character in recent years, due to much of Carrie Hope Fletcher’s large internet following seeing her take on the role in the West End and being so inspired, but most of the time I feel that Eponine is overlooked in terms of both ‘real life’ publicity and the actual narrative! Everytime I see Les Mis or even watch the movie, I find myself wanted to shout at Marius to get some sense! Apart from the suicide bit, I think that Eponine is a great female role model - she doesn't moan about the fact that she can't fight at the barricade because she's a girl, she just whacks her hair under a hat and gets up there anyway!

  • Madame Morrible - Wicked
Madame Morrible is the sassiest witch in the world and she doesn't get nearly enough appreciation for it - okay, by the end of the show you hate her guts, but so? It just shows character development, that’s all! When I first saw Wicked, I remember saying to my friend Erin on the way home that I thought Madame Morrible was like an older Glinda, and that’s an opinion I keep to this day!

  • Beatrice - Much Ado About Nothing (Love’s Labours Won)

Beatrice is another of those characters who goes through dramatic character development over the course of the play, and obviously because this is Shakespeare we’re talking about, her personality completely changes within a matter of days. Despite the entirely unrealistic character arc, I do like the idea that she hated someone so much that she ended up loving them, and vice-versa. 

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