10 July 2016

Interview with Katie Sheridan

It's day 4 of Interview Month, and today my special guest is the fabulous Katie Sheridan! Katie is currently working on a hilarious new webseries - but I'll let her explain that for herself!

Em: For those who don't know, what is 'Match Not Found'?

Katie: Match not found is an online comedy set on Skype about a young woman's eventful quest for the right man. It follows her and her friends, who it turns out are no experts in love either.Em: What inspired you to write it?

Katie: I've always loved romantic comedies and felt I had plenty of material from my own experiences of dating to draw on and create something entertaining from it. I had worked with Phil, the director of Match Not Found before and he was very encouraging and supportive of the idea from the beginning.

Em: Where can people watch it?

Katie: You can watch the show on our Match Not Found YouTube Channel.

Em: Why should people watch 'Match Not Found' rather than, say, a mainstream series on something like Netflix?

Katie: Well I think people should watch both! We're big fans of a number of series on Netflix and channels like that. With Match Not Found its YouTube based so it's free to watch which is a nice bonus and audiences can comment on the videos and give us feedback directly, so the viewers are very much a part of the show and they seem to really respond to that engagement.

Em: Roughly how long does it take you to film an episode?

Katie: It depends on the episode really. If it's quite a straight forward episode then we will usually film more than one a day. However if one of the characters is on location or it's a special where we have a lot more characters than normal, then we may spend a couple of days shooting.

Em: Do you have plans for how long the series will be, or do you intend to continue it indefinitely?

Katie: We love making the show, it's a lot of work but it's also a lot of fun and I think we hope to keep going as long as audiences are enjoying it and there's a demand for it. Alex and I have got ideas about where we would like certain storylines to go and we've also considered the possibility of expanding it for a film or spin off series, we shall see!

Em: How many people does it take to create 'Match Not Found'?

Katie: I'm very fortunate to be surrounded by an amazing team for Match Not Found. I met Alex, who co writes the show back at uni so it's lovely to write with someone so talented but also a great friend, it makes writing all that more fun. Phil the director is also a close friend and Mayerly his partner who does all our editing and works very hard for the show. I'd acted with Kirsty and Connor (who play Janna and Doug) before in a play so I knew them both well and felt we would have good chemistry together. Both of them are brilliant and over the years I have worked with a lot of very talented, creative actors who I have been able to call upon for the show and it makes a huge difference to us.

Em: This is obviously a theatre blog, and we wouldn't be doing this interview if there wasn't a link - would you like to give my readers a clue as to what goes on in your latest episode?

Katie: In episode 29 Kat has started dating a guy called Blake who's into musical theatre, and is performing in an amateur dramatics production of Joseph and his Technicolor Dreamcoat. Blake is played by the very lovely Jonathan Vickers who is a great singer and actor and has his own YouTube channel 'I Read Books in Nightclubs'. Blake is a larger than life character and sure to entertain you!

Em: Where can people find you guys? (twitter, etc)

Katie: We would love it if you check out our Twitter: @matchnotfound, or you can find us on Instagram: @match_not_found or Facebook: @matchnotfoundtheshow

Em: Is there anything else you'd like to say to my readers?

Katie: Thanks for reading, please check out the show and I hope you enjoy it!

As well as the links Katie mentioned, you can find her on Twitter at @K_Sheridantweet, or on her website here!

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