9 August 2016

Get James to Drama School!

Earlier on today, I was scrolling through Show Boat's twitter feed, having just booked tickets for tomorrow night, and I came across a retweet from a guy called James, who (with the help of about 500 Snapchat filters!) was asking for people to go and donate to his GoFundMe page, which would help fund his drama school fees at the London School of Musical Theatre. He explained in the short video that he had been offered a place at LSMT, on the condition that he payed £1000 by the end of this week, in order to secure his place. Having watched the video and retweeted it, I clicked on his GoFundMe link, mainly because I was curious. What I found out from both the page and later James himself made me want to help, so here I am writing this post!

About James Georgiou

James is a 27 year old aspiring actor, currently working as an usher at Show Boat at the New London Theatre, whilst also staying home to care for his mother. He has recently been offered a place at LSMT, but due to financial circumstance is unable to pay the tuition fees (just under £15000 in total). Providing that he pays £1000 by the end of this week in order to secure his place, he will be able to study at LSMT and pursue a career in theatre.

That's where you come in! James has set up a Go Fund Me page, in the hope that the kindness of strangers on the internet who read his story will provide him with some of the money he needs - so if you are in a position to help out a budding performer, you can find James's Go Fund Me page here, and his Twitter page here !

Best of luck to James for the future - we all know you'll go far!

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