6 August 2016

Review: The Producers at the Court Theatre, Tring

At the Court Theatre, Tring over this week, 17 wonderfully talented actors and actresses between the ages of 16 and 25 are taking to the stage to perform the outrageously hilarious ‘The Producers’. When going to see an amateur show (especially a youth show!), you don’t expect the standard to be as high as it was last night - and just wait until you see how long it took them to rehearse! I think I’m correct in saying that, despite the auditions being held earlier in 2016, the cast only started to rehearse and put the show together just under 2 weeks ago - an incredible feat considering the length and demanding nature of the show! I should also mention that the set was more complex and ambitious than anything I’ve ever been in at the Court Theatre (and believe me, we’ve had everything from moving boats to heavenly staircases to evil underwater lairs!) and again, to manage to sort it all out in such a short time frame really is impressive.

Let’s talk about the cast for a second. Bialystock and Bloom (played by Thomas Kershaw-Green and George Tompkins respectively) were absolutely astounding - they were both perfectly cast for their parts, and their onstage relationship was very entertaining to watch. Thomas Kershaw-Green (Max Bialystock) absolutely owned the stage every time he was on, whether that was with lots of other people or to sing alone! Another duo that stood out for me were Joey Watson-Smith and Thomas Hodge as Carmen Ghia and Roger DeBris. Words cannot describe how utterly hilarious these two were, and along with Haden Spence (Franz Liebkind) and Rhiannon Whale (Ulla), the 6 principals made The Producers one of the best (potentially THE best) amateur show I’ve ever seen. 

Overall, I'm thoroughly impressed by what this group of young people has been able to achieve in such a short time frame - frankly, I would have been impressed if they'd done this in a few months! Congratulations to the whole cast, crew and creatives - you're all wonderful!

AVYT’s The Producers has it’s last two performances today, so if you’re local and you fancy a fun couple of hours at the theatre, you can get tickets here.

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