7 September 2016

Review: Bumblescratch

On Sunday night, myself and some of my fellow theatre bloggers from the aptly titled company "Theatre Bloggers" headed down to the Adelphi Theatre to see a one night only, gala performance of Bumblescratch, a new musical written by the son/nephew of the Sherman brothers - the genius duo behind Mary Poppins and The Jungle Book.

It wasn't staged as if it was a proper production that was here to stay, but I enjoyed the use of what limited set they had (two fabric-covered blocks either side of the stage), and the costumes were a lot of fun - they reminded me a little bit of the Cats costumes; raggedy human clothes in neutral colours, but with a tail, ears and facepaint! As the orchestra were on the stage, it was obviously difficult to have any major choreography, but it wasn't too static either.

The main focus of the evening was definitely the music, so let's talk about that for a minute. There were elements of so many other musicals in there that it was hard to pinpoint one, but Les Misérables and Oliver come to mind. As beautiful as the music was (and it really was lovely), the songs all had really funny endings - funny in that after literally EVERY song, it felt like it could have been the interval! I'm no music student, but I think that's something to do with cadences? Or, y'know, harmonies and that? Whatever it was, it was lovely but just a little out of place!

Despite the fact that it felt very unfinished, I have every confidence that Bumblescratch will become something wonderful in the coming months and years - I wouldn't be remotely surprised if it's back in the West End before long! It's a show with so much potential, and I can't wait to see where it goes next!

Thank you to to the lovely people at Theatre Bloggers for organising my press ticket and things, very much appreciated!

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