18 September 2016

Interview with David Pustansky

Crumpled, Needs Ironing/Presto is a double bill of plays to be performed at Queen's Park Arts Centre this evening, directed by David Pustansky. I met David whilst in panto last year, so I'm thrilled to be supporting him in his latest venture! Here's what he had to say about the show...

Em: What can people expect from the show?
David: The audience can expect some deep drama, touching on serious issues wrapped up in surreal comedies with a talking baby, bad magic, a zany clown and slapstick comedy.

Em: Obviously you're directing, who else is behind it?
David: The play is written by an Oxford based playwright Caroline Mitchell Rehder, and we have a great lighting designer Jack Elderfield, and a great cast of professional actors, one of which is me. In fact throughout the production I'm directing, acting, producing, designing the posters, and hand delivering the flyers so it's busy busy busy for me.

Em: Where's next after QPC?
David: As well as the shows at QPC we're taking the show to the Old Fire Station in Oxford and the Hen and Chickens in London. After that I'm directing two plays for Aylesbury Town Council and Alice in Wonderland at QPC for Christmas.

Em: How would you describe Crumpled, Needs Ironing/Presto in 3 words?
David: In three words? - Zany, Tragic, Thoughtful

Em: What are you most excited about for the show?
David: I'm most excited for the audience to respond to the show. I fully expect the audience to differ in opinion in who they sympathise with - some will feel for the mother, others the child. Some will blame the social workers, and some will see that they're just human too. Beneath the wacky zaniness of it all is a thought provoking piece.

Em: Where can people find out more? (social media, websites etc)
David: My company is called Sparky Buddy Productions, our website is http://www.sparkybuddyproductions.co.uk  We're on Facebook and our Twitter handle is @sparkybuddyfilm We make films and theatre and audio projects and will have a lot more coming up in 2017.

You can also find David on Twitter at @DavidPustansky.

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