8 October 2016

Interview with Matthew Goodgame

As tonight marks the closure of the West End production of Funny Girl, I had a chat with their very own Matthew Goodgame, about Lord of the Rings, Elvis, and everything inbetween!

Em:  If you could play any character in any show, regardless of age, race, gender etc - who would it be?

Matthew: The Phantom - it's always been a part I would love to play - just a very classic and interesting role! And the music is timeless. On the other extreme - to play Elvis in a musical would be a dream.

Em: What is your favourite thing about performing in the West End?

Matthew: The West End is a hub of activity and creativity and it's lovely to be apart of. I love to travel and see the world and have been lucky enough to do that with other shows and come back to the West End as well. The best of both worlds.

Em: If you were stuck on a desert island with an actor, a musical cast recording and a book, who/what would they be?

Matthew: The actor would be my wife (slight of cheat answer but true). Cast Recording would be something up beat to get you going in the morning! Beautiful? Book - Lord of The Rings!

Em: What is your LEAST favourite thing about performing in the West End?

Matthew: The commute - 2 Hours each way. It's get a little tiresome especially with the price of the tickets.

Em: Who/what first inspired you to get into theatre?

Matthew: My Mum and Dad live(d) their lives bringing us up to believe 'Anything is possible'. I love the physicality and creativity of musicals! The ambition of being great at something is always something I strive to do so in answer to your question combination of a number of people stemming from my parents and self-drive.

Em: Anything to say to people who use phones in theatres?

Matthew: Don't! Live life in the moment and enjoy.

Em: What musicals (or their cast recordings) are you loving at the moment?

Matthew: Beautiful - amazing!

Em: What advice would you give to someone like me who wants to be in theatre when they're older?

Matthew: Doors will be shut and doors will be open. Choose and follow the path you want. Prepare, practice, repeat and then ENJOY.  "If you don't enjoy - the audience doesn't enjoy" very wise words from a friend of mine (Julia Sutton). I live by them.

Em: Have you got anything else you'd like to say to my readers?

Matthew: "Every Day is a Good Day" so go and live it!

You can find Matthew on Twitter at @matthewgoodgame and myself at @ohmymusicals.

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