14 October 2016

Interview with Megan Leigh Mason - Sunny Afternoon Week

It's the penultimate day of Sunny Afternoon Week, and you may be thinking "hold on, where are the girls?" - well, despite Sunny Afternoon being quite a male-heavy show (I mean, The Kinks were 4 men, so there's not much breathing room for us anyway!), today I'm bringing you the first of two interviews with some of the Sunny Afternoon girls, the first of whom is Megan Leigh Mason, who plays Rasa! (and is an absolute delight to watch, may I add!)

Em: What/who inspired you to get into theatre?

Megan: When I was little my Nan would take me and my sisters and cousins to the pantomime every Christmas, I remember watching and thinking "that's what I want to do."

Em: If you could play any character, regardless of age, race, gender, etc, who would it be?

Megan: Madame Thenardier in Les Mis

Em: What’s your favourite role you’ve ever played?

Megan: Rasa!

Em: What’s it like being in a show that is based on real people and events?

Megan: It's great! It means a lot of research can be done. It is slightly weird when they actually come to see the show as you know they are watching you play them which is a strange feeling.

Em: If you were stuck on a desert island with a book, a song and an actor/actress, what would they be?

Megan: Book - The Northern Lights. Song - Something like... Mexico by The Staves. Actor/Actress - Maybe... Jim Carrey? (I think he'd be good fun) or Rowan Atkinson

Em: What is your favourite quote from Sunny Afternoon?

Megan: "You wouldn't catch John Lennon loafing about in bed with his wife for days on end."

Em: What 3 items in your dressing room could you not live without?

Megan: 1. Marmite 2. Inhaler 3. Guitar

Em: What is your favourite thing about performing in the West End?

Megan: Bringing joy to people everyday.

Em: What’s been your biggest challenge in getting to where you are today?

Megan: Overcoming Nerves. I've suffered quite badly with nerves and had to push through that many times.

Em: Any funny backstage stories from Sunny Afternoon?

Megan: We play jokes on each other a fair bit!

Em: What book or film would you like to see made into a musical?

Megan: Nightmare before Christmas!

Em: What is your LEAST favourite thing about performing in the West End?

Megan: The business of central London.

Em: What are your plans and ambitions for the future?

Megan: I'd like to do some T.V. And hope to one day be cast in a sitcom.

Em: What advice would you give to someone like me who wants to be in theatre when they’re older?

Megan: Go see as much theatre as you can. Read lots of books. Don't give up.

Thanks to Megan for joining me today - you can find her on Twitter at @MeganLeighMason and myself at @ohmymusicals!

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