12 October 2016

Interview with Nick Sayce - Sunny Afternoon Week

It's Wednesday, it's Day 3 of Sunny Afternoon Week, and today's guest is Nick Sayce, who understudies Ray Davies, Mick Avory, Robert Wace AND Grenville Collins!

Em: What/who inspired you to get into theatre?

Nick: I was a dresser at The Alexander Theatre in Birmingham when I was 16 and I remember being in the dressing room with the actors then hearing them on the tannoy and thinking, this looks like rather a lot of fun. So I became an actor.

Em: If you could play any character, regardless of age, race, gender, etc, who would it be?

Nick: Macbeth.

Em: What’s your favourite role you’ve ever played?

Nick: There's two now. My first was playing Victor Chandebise in A Flea In Her Ear as my final performance at Drama School. And now Ray Davies. Being a rock star for a bit is too much fun.

Em: What’s it like being in a show that is based on real people and events?

Nick: No different to any other show. It doesn't help me on stage to think that this has already happened before, couldn't keep it fresh if I did.

Em: If you were stuck on a desert island with a book, a musical soundtrack and an actor/actress, what would they be?

Nick: A Brief History of Time, Les Mis I suppose, Michael Palin.

Em: What is your favourite quote from a musical?

Nick: "Ffffuck sake!" - Mick Avory, Sunny Afternoon.

Em: What 3 items in your dressing room could you not live without?

Nick: The fan gaffa taped to the ceiling, the fridge and the kettle.

Em: What is your favourite thing about performing in the West End?

Nick: Everything about it. It's great fun. And it's an hour from my house. Boom.

Em: What’s been your biggest challenge in getting to where you are today?

Nick: As an actor, there are times where swallowing your pride is your only option, and I find that incredibly difficult to do.

Em: What is your LEAST favourite thing about performing in the West End?

Nick: The heat in the dressing rooms in summer. And the tube.

Em: What are your plans and ambitions for the future?

Nick: Take over the world!

Em: What advice would you give to someone like me who wants to be in theatre when they’re older?

Nick: Prepare to do a lot of work. Not just physical, but mental. It's an incredibly difficult career at the best times, but if you're not pushing it yourself, you'll find it even harder. And have a plan B, if you don't, you won't earn money when you're not acting, which can be most of the time.

Em: Is there anything else you’d like to say to my readers?

Nick: If anyone ever offers you a good cover role, take it. At least once. It's not something I would want to do again, but I'm a better actor for it and no amount of script could frighten me now.

Thank you very much to Nick for this interview - you can follow him on Twitter @Nicksayce, and follow me @ohmymusicals to keep up to date with the rest of Sunny Afternoon Week!

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