9 October 2016

Introducing... Sunny Afternoon Week

Since Interview Month in July was such a success (I mean, it ended with me interviewing Michael Ball!), I've decided I rather enjoy doing themed months or weeks on my blog - so naturally, I'm doing another one! Not another Interview Month, mind you, that would be a a LOT of work and sooner or later I'd run out of people to interview! I am, however, doing 'Sunny Afternoon Week' this week - which is really quite self-explanatory; each day, I'll publish an interview with a member of the West End cast of Sunny Afternoon (to commemorate it closing in a couple of weeks' time).

I believe I've mentioned before that I have a completely irrational love for Sunny Afternoon, (irrational considering how I usually feel about jukebox musicals and all that they connote), but I just thought I'd re-iterate how much I adore it - I love the music of the Kinks, and the current West End cast are absolutely sublime (which is a word I seriously loathe so I'm not sure why I used it. Ugh.).

I'm really excited to be bringing a bit of Muswell Hill to OhMyMusicals this week! Be sure to follow me on Twitter (@ohmymusicals) to find out who my special guest is each day!

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