3 October 2017

Review: Tell Me On A Sunday

This Sunday myself, my mum and Chris took a trip to Abbots Langley to see ALGSS’s production of Tell Me On A Sunday - which was easily one of the best shows I’ve seen in recent months.

Tell Me On A Sunday is, of course, one act, so rather than just doing a one-woman, one-act show, (that would be FAR too easy!) they did a mini-showcase for the first half, then performed Tell Me On A Sunday.

Before I get into talking about Tell Me On A Sunday itself, I want to focus on the showcase section. Each performer had great stage presence, a great voice, and they all sang their respective songs fantastically - all of them are an absolute credit to the society. Special mention must go to Russell Stratton, who closed the showcase section leading “Somebody To Love” from We Will Rock You, and absolutely captured the attention of the audience, getting them clapping and singing along!

Let’s move onto the show itself. Emma was played by Emma Stratton, and despite knowing how much experience and talent she has, I am always blown away when I see her perform. She took on the character perfectly, and managed to make one show simultaneously funny and heart wrenching. Performing a one woman show is no mean feat, but I can confidently say there was not a note or a word out of place at any point - Emma’s performance was absolutely immaculate!

Not only was Emma’s performance absolutely perfect, but the whole production was fantastic. It was a small stage with a (very) small cast, but they managed to have a small amount of set, lots of props and some ingenious costume changes (they may have just been very quick costume changes, I’m very easy to please when it comes to costume!)

Overall I am amazed at how professional and talented everyone involved is. From the showcase soloists to the band to the lovely Emma, everyone showed ALGSS in a fantastic light - as they well should!

(photo from Jeremy Cohen via Facebook)

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